How to Make a WordPress Site and Get Free Easy Traffic



One thing you probably hear a lot is that the 1 thing stopping you from making money online is traffic. And for a while I would just read this kind of stuff and kind of move on not caring, but it’s true. Getting traffic to your site is so important and its very simple to understand. Website or blog —> has post with affiliate link —> (problem) it MAY not have anyone to click on it. But with the traffic it may look more like this… website or blog —> posts with affiliate link —> traffic to the site —> people read posts and click on link —> then a good majority of those people will hopefully buy through your link —> converts into sales:) So then, how do YOU, get this traffic to your site or blog?

2 words – Twitter traffic – you’ve probably heard this before but if you don’t want to spend a cent for traffic, this is one of the best ways to get FREE targeted traffic. In Twitter there is a search option to find people. Here you can type in something to do with the product you are promoting. Like in YouTube when you search something, sometimes the words you searched are bolded in the description box, these are keywords, and it also works for Twitter. For instance, I was promoting a product on internet marketing. I searched in the find people box: Internet Marketing.

What you can do here is follow a big majority of this list to the end. At this point I was following a little over 100 people! Next I went back to the first page of this search, to some of the people with a lot of followers. I found one with over 12,000 followers. So, what does that tell you about those people? That they have, or had an interest in Internet Marketing! (Targeted Traffic!)

Now when you follow people on Twitter, usually, a majority of them follow you back, which is good because now you have a bunch of targeted people, or traffic, in which case a majority of them are interested in what you could be selling, AND they can see what you write about your products on Twitter, you can send links to your 메이저 토토 and from there, your site can do the rest. Although it’s important to be friendly at first to get a nice first impression, act like you are just talking about what you are selling, rather than actually trying to sell it.

Making Your FREE Site:

So now you know how to get the traffic, but where will you send it? WordPress is a terrific site to use to make a free site because you can easily link it with Twitter and it works well with SEO plugins. You can easily make a good site. Important, always remember that the more work you put into this (as in, tweeting on Twitter and posting on your site) its more likely the better outcome you will get. For instance, all in one day, I made a Twitter account and followed a few hundred people (about 350-400) people, I got a bunch of follows back, and during the same day I made a WordPress site and put a couple posts on some things I was selling and then made some tweets on Twitter to my followers that I got back, and by the next morning I had made about 4 sales (a little of 100 dollars) in one days work with no start up cost thanks to the free traffic.

This was just 2 days ago. On July 20th, 2010, I made the site and Twitter account, and on July 21st, 2010, I made some money, all thanks to WordPress and targeted traffic. When you make your site how you want, make same easy paragraph length posts and include your link. You can go to: Dashboard, my blogs, and on the blog to want to publicize, you will see some check marks one says Twitter, another Facebook, and another one is Yahoo! Updates. Now this would also work with Facebook, just find people on Facebook interested in what your selling and pretty much do what you did with Twitter.

But in this case, I only used Twitter and still had a nice outcome. The links to my site and Twitter will be below in the author box. Thanks for your time.

I really hope this article helped you guys, and I hope that you give it a try, because you have NOTHING to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain, unless that is you are trying to use pay per click the wrong way.


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